I want to use my training and experience in educational research to help support the priorities and goals of the ICCSD.  For the last 15 years, I have spent the majority of my time examining the relationship between education experiences, academic achievement and future outcomes and success. I know how important a high-equality K-12 education is for opening doors for our children to go on and have successful and rewarding adult lives. By the same token, I also know how limited access and opportunity to a high-quality  education can close those doors.

I want to support the School Board to ensure doors remain open for ALL students in our community.

Diverse Kindergarten


  • Help close achievement and opportunity gaps (e.g., universal PreK, focus on how the facilities 2.0 plan can support equity goals in terms of opportunity and access across schools)

  • Increase the diversity of school staff (teachers, administrators) to resemble the diversity of our community

Children in Science Class


  • Build on the Portrait of a Graduate work the district is doing; Support the district’s focus on the "whole child," including social emotional learning (SEL).

  • Infuse educational and career navigation as part of the “whole child’ initiative; support more educational and career counseling (part of the facilities 2.0 plan could explore more career focused programming and curriculum); support students in navigating critical educational transitions (e.g., course selection, applying to college, major selection, career pathways).

Analysing data


  • Utilize my training and 15+ yrs of experience as an educational researcher to help support decisions that are backed by science and evidence

  • Support initiatives that are most likely to have a positive impact on intended learner outcomes